Monday, June 06, 2005


The recent US Intelligemce report about Nigeria (and indeed Africa) has been the subject of discuss in several quarters withing the polity. It has generated a lot of arguements both wiyhin and outside the country. It has also caused a lot of mind agitation, while some beleive the report is true to fact, some beleive it is a means of of slapping Nigeria on the face, while some are not sure of the correct posture.

It appears that the report itself is as mind buggling as it appears to portend, rather, the hasty reaction emanating from the President appears to be more frieghtenning than the report itself. To some, such comment as 'prophet of doom' appears to be hash and unrefined, while to others, the comment is justified.

After going through the report, one needs to consider such issues as :

  • definition of development as given by the report and the way our leaders eprcieived to be.
  • the state of insecurity
  • power abuse
  • authocratic democracy
  • arrogance on the part of our leaders
  • misuse of hydrocarbon resources
  • and a lot more

I beleive we need to consider substance of the report rather than the form. Rather than brushing it aside as prophet of doom, we need to if for nothing reagrd it as a yellow card to bring us back to line. It is a means of telling and advising us that we are falling and sliding away from the track. A listening government is expected to be angry because it has been crticised or advised. I expecte a responsible government to welcome all forms of criticism whether constructive or otherwise. I beleive there could be something reasonable from the uterances of even a mad man.

I therefore suggest that we sit back and consider the issue of:

  • ethnic clashes
  • mass retrenchment which tends to create a situation of hopelessness
  • lawlessness even on the part of government
  • corruption by not only governement officials but by government itself (e.g. NEPA collecting for power not supplied)
  • self-enrichment using privatisation as cover up
  • insecurity of life and properties
  • wanton destruction of means of living and livelihood all in the name of master plan.
  • the ridiculous humiliation of nigerians outside nigerian shores

On the whole, let those who feel agreived by the report give us answers to many posers raised in the report. In my opinion, the report is the utmost truth and nothing but the truth unless we want to remain under the illusion that we have always been. What is more, when the nigerian leader says good morning, an average nigerian must look at the sky three times before he answers


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